How do I upgrade an existing installation on Windows?

1. Back up SearchBlox
  • Export the config file from Menu -> Admin -> Configuration.
  • Copy C:/SearchbloxServer/webapps/searchblox/WEB-INF/license.xml.
  • Back up C:/SearchbloxServer, and rename the folder C:/SearchbloxServerOld.
2. Upgrade

To upgrade an existing SearchBlox installation on Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Stop the SearchBlox Windows service.
  2. Uninstall the Windows service by going to the folder and running C:\SearchBloxServer\services\bat\uninstallService.bat as an administrator.
  3. Rename the current installation folder from C:\SearchBloxServer to C:\SearchBloxServerOLD\ .
  4. Download the installer from and run the wizard.
  5. If you are upgrading from 8.x version, please make sure that
    - You remove the environment variables related to Java 8
    - Install Java 11,
    - Set classpath for java 11 in Environmental variables
    - Set JAVA_HOME for java 11 as in the external help link
    - If there are other java versions installed in the system, please remove the references from the path variable.
    - Remove possible references to Java 8
  6. Once the new version is installed in the path, C:\SearchBloxServer, copy the following files into the new installation:

    copy the following folder and then replace the one in the latest build for the collections to reflect synonyms
  7. First, start elasticsearch by running C:\SearchBloxServer\elasticsearch\bin\elasticsearch.bat manually. Kindly note that this is mandatory for SearchBlox to run.
    Steps to run Elasticsearch as service:
  8. To start the service, right-click to run the file C:\SearchBloxServer\services\bat\startService.bat as an administrator, or start the service from the Control Panel -> Administrative Services -> Services panel in Windows.
    Steps to install and run SearchBlox as service:
  9. Once the new server service starts up with the license key applied and the same configuration settings in the latest version, re-index the collections and test searching.
  10. If you have created any XSL stylesheets or custom pages, copy them over from the old installation to the new one into the respective locations.

Note: You can upgrade to the next greater version using the steps mentioned above. However, we would not recommend upgrading 8.6.9 directly to 9.x as the version of Elasticsearch is different, and there may be issues when upgrading directly. If you want to upgrade from 8.6.9 to 9.x, we would recommend a clean installation.

To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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