How do I upgrade an existing installation on Linux?

To upgrade an existing SearchBlox installation on Linux, follow these steps:

1. Stop the SearchBlox Service and back up the folder before performing the upgrade.

2. Rename the current installation folder from /opt/searchblox to /opt/searchbloxold and download the new SearchBlox Server tar.gz file into the /opt folder. Run the following commands to unpack the tar file.

        gzip -d searchblox_unix64.tar.gz

        tar -xvf searchblox_unix64.tar

3. After you have the new /opt/searchblox folder, copy over the following files:



4. Once the new server service starts up with the license key applied and the same configuration settings in the new version, re-index the collections and test searching.

5. If you have created any XSL stylesheets or custom pages, copy them over from the old installation to the new one into the respective locations.

6. In case of any errors or issues, rename the new installation and revert the old folder to /opt/searchblox and start the SearchBlox Service.

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