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How do I install SearchBlox on Linux?


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  • Juraj

    Hi there,

    The "" script should also fix file permissions after it installs files into "/opt/searchblox" folder. All the files and directories in that folder have permissions set to 777. It's a security disaster in waiting.

    You could do so, for example, by running the following:

    find /opt/searchblox -print0 | xargs -0 chmod o-w
    find /opt/searchblox -print0 | xargs -0 chmod g-w
    find /opt/searchblox -type f -not -path '*/bin/*' -print0 | xargs -0 chmod a-x
    chmod 755 /opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox

    Also, the "/opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox" with CTRL-C part could be scripted as well. The "" script could call the following command shortly before it calls "service searchblox start":

    timeout --signal=SIGKILL 30s /opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox 2>/dev/null

    That will start "/opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox", let it run for 30 seconds (you can increase that if you like), and then kills it.

    This would allow a lot of automation, especially for people deploying SearchBlox via Puppet, Ansible, or other automation tools.

    Just a couple of thoughts.



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