Does SearchBlox offer the Auto-Suggest feature?

1. Yes, SearchBlox offers suggestions with support for phrases when using the search box. Auto-suggest words are provided in JSONP format by pasting the following URL into your search box (where q is the query string, the limit field is used to the limit the number of suggestions and col is the collection number):


2. It is possible to get suggestions from the previous query using AutoSuggest servlet using the collection name searchlogs as below:

where collection name searchlogs represents collection with previous queries.

3. We also support SmartSuggest feature. SearchAI SmartSuggest is built to provide suggestions for search queries because it understands the context and how they’re related to the actual content on your website. 

SearchBlox SearchAI SmartSuggest:
To signup for a FREE SearchAI SmartSuggest Service subscription click the link below:

To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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    Sudhan Kanade



    What if the document contains "hello world".  So when you search by "hel", then it only brings "hello" and not "hello world".

    How do I get the whole field name as part of Auto Suggester ?

    Secondly, I am searching for alphanumeric texts like same a code number is 170D-6 and if I search by "170", then it only returns "170d".  So there are two things I am looking for 1) Exact Content (170D-6) and also the case sensitivity is lost (everything is now lowercase).





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