How do I try out the REST API?

You can use the SearchBlox Development Environment to try out the REST API. You can access the SDE after creating a Custom Collection.

SearchBlox Development Environment

The SearchBlox Development Environment (SDE) can be accessed using the link http://localhost:8080/searchblox/sde/index.jsp, or the SDE link available on the page while selecting the custom collection path setting. Using the SDE, you can create and delete custom collections, index, delete, optimize, clear, determine the status of, and search the custom collection using the corresponding tab for each function. 

The input to this SearchBlox REST-API should be in XML or JSON format, and sample codes can be found in the Help section. There is also an option called Load Sample Request for every tab (function). The user needs to provide the correct API key, collection name, the right location, etc.. While indexing, the XML /JSON code is displayed in separate pop-ups, and later the status message is displayed.

POSTMAN is another external third-party tool that can be used with Searchblox XML and JSON API. The settings for POSTMAN API can be found at the end of this documentation. For more details on the POSTMAN API tool, refer to



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