How do I set up SearchBlox as a Windows service?

Installing Elasticsearch Service
  • Set JAVA_HOME as mentioned earlier in the prerequisites
  • Open command prompt go to C:\SearchBloxServer\elasticsearch\bin and run the following command
    elasticsearch-service.bat install
Installing SearchBlox as Service
  • Go to the C:\SearchBloxServer\services\bat\ folder within the SearchBlox installation.
  • Right-click the installService.bat file and run as Administrator. This will install the service.
  • You can start the service from the Control Panel > Administrative Services > Services panel in Windows. You can also start the service by running C:\SearchBloxServer\services\bat\startservices.bat

Please make sure that Elasticsearch (service or bat file) is running before starting searchblox service i.e., https://:9200 is accessible.


To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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