How do I get started with Apache Tomcat?

  1. Drop searchblox.war into Tomcat's webapps folder and restart Tomcat.
  2. Go to http://yourhost/searchblox/admin/main.jsp and log in using usernameadmin | passwordadmin.
  3. Go to the Collections tab and click on Add Collection to create a new collection.
  4. Choose whether it is an HTTP or FileSystem-based collection, assign a unique name and choose the language for this collection. And click Add to finish creating the collection.
  5. Click on the Root sub-tab, and type in RootURL / Filepath and click OK.
  6. Go to the Indexer sub-tab and click the Index button to start indexing.
  7. Click on the DashBoard sub-tab under collections to view indexing status.
  8. Go to http://yourhost/searchblox/search.jsp to start searching.


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