Can I customize the look and feel of my results?

Yes, you can customize your results' look and feel through the .xsl files for customization, or you can use the JSON/XML search results. Log in to the SearchBlox admin console, and go to the Results tab.

If you want to customize the faceted search, please get in touch with our support ( to get help on the same.

Note: We use React JS for our customized faceted search plugin.

For customizing regular search results please refer the screenshots below:

  You can use the default template or create a new .xsl template. The .xsl file is saved under the /searchblox/stylesheets folder.

An example of customized results is shown below:


To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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    Brown Todd

    Can you provide some example customizations for search results? I am looking to display the header or top of the file, instead of the context of the query. Can this be accomplished? Thanks!