How do I set up the Drupal faceted search module for SearchBlox?

SearchBlox Module Installation Guide

  1. Log in into the admin section of your Drupal site. Go to Modules and click on Install New Module. Upload the SearchBlox module, or install from the link:
  2. After installing SearchBlox, go to Configuration, and under the Search and Metadata section you will see SearchBlox Settings. Here you need to enter your SearchBlox API and the SearchBlox Server location.
  3. In the same section, after you enter the configuration details, SearchBlox Search Collections will show the collections available on your SearchBlox server.
  4. Once you configure the collection settings and index your website, you can configure your default search and SearchBlox search to show results from the SearchBlox server. You will also see your collections on the Search Collection Page, and you can limit the search to certain collection by checking the collections.

Default Search Configuration

  1. To configure the default search to show search results from SearchBlox, go to Configurations under the Search and Metadata section, then go to Search Settings and scroll down to Active Search Module.
  2. Here you will see SearchBlox, which you should select and save. Now your default Drupal Search is overriden by SearchBlox.
  3. Remember, If you clear your configuration in SearchBlox settings you need to uncheck SearchBlox from here, otherwise it will not show any results for search as your configuration settings are not set.

SearchBlox Search

  1. To configure SearchBlox search, go to Structure/Blocks. Under Disabled blocks, you will see SearchBlox Search.
  2. Drag it, and drop it into the Content Area above.
  3. To show SearchBlox search on the content area of your page, click Save at the end of the page. Now click on Configure beside SearchBlox Search. This will take you to the Configuration page.
  4. Here you can enter a title for your block.
  5. Under Visibility Settings, you have the option to display the SearchBlox search on every page, or restrict it to a specific page or pages.

To Select a Specific page for your block:

If you have a page called "About Us", the permalink for this page will have a node number in this format: 'node/10'. You must enter this to restrict your block to this page.

To update the facet filters for display on the SearchBlox faceted search page:

Edit the facet.json page to change the facet filters within the SearchBlox page. The facet.json file is located here: sites/all/modules/searchblox/includes/data/facet.json

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