What types of logs are available within SearchBlox?

SearchBlox provides multiple logs for troubleshooting and monitoring. The following logs are found here (/webapps/searchblox/logs):

  1. index.log (spider indexing activity)
  2. query.log (all search queries)
  3. status.log (system status, errors and license/IP issues)
  4. es.log (Elasticsearch)
  5. auth.log (user login in admin dashboard)
  6. activity.log (creation- and deletion-related activities for collections)
  7. data.log (data from index-based search made by users)
  8. parameter.log (parameters)
  9. user.log (users added/deleted/modified)
  10. personalization.log(user/click history)
  11. securesearch.log (logs related to secure search)
  • Elasticsearch and status logs are rotated on a daily basis and are not deleted.

  • Index, query, and other logs are deleted once every fourteen days.

  • If you are running SearchBlox as service, you can find the wrapper.log in ../services/log

  • If you need to log the console output, add the following lines in start.ini file

To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site https://developer.searchblox.com/docs

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