How do I eliminate the Out of Memory error and continue indexing?

SearchBlox will log this type of error when there is not enough memory to run the indexing or searching.

OutOfMemoryError: Java Heap Space

Please ensure that there is sufficient RAM in your instance to run SearchBlox. Please refer to our CPU requirements to know more about the same:

Please increase the RAM allocated to SearchBlox and Elasticsearch using the steps provided below to overcome the memory issue.

To update the memory allocation when running using the startSearchBlox command or service in Windows, edit the start.ini file within the SearchBloxServer folder.


or change to 16g when you have at least a 32GB server.


To update the memory allocation of Elasticsearch, please go to ..\elasticsearch\config\jvm.options and give xms and xmx value in line nos 22 and 23 as below

To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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