How to reset admin password?

If you do not remember your Admin dashboard password or you want to reset to default password please follow the steps below:

1. To reset your password, please open to ../webapps/searchblox/WEB-INF/config.xml using text editor
2. Replace the config password value with 0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc= as below:

<config password="0DPiKuNIrrVmD8IUCuw1hQxNqZc=" apikey="A03DD3D651577169D1165F299ABB44B2" signed="true">

3. Once done please restart SearchBlox and use
Username : admin
Password : admin
to login to SearchBlox Admin Dashboard

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    On Linux / macOS, you can generate NEW_PASSWORD by running the following command:

    echo -n NEW_PASSWORD | openssl sha1 -binary | base64

    for example:

    echo -n admin | openssl sha1 -binary | base64