How to install SearchBlox Service in Ubuntu

In Ubuntu there few changes and customizations required to run SearchBlox as service. 

Steps to install and run SearchBlox as service in Ubuntu is provided below:

1. Install SearchBlox for Linux

2. Download wrapper.conf file from the link below:

3. Replace the wrapper.conf file with the one downloaded from above link in the path /opt/searchblox/services/conf

4. Remove searchblox file from /etc/init.d folder using command below:

rm /etc/init.d/searchblox

5. Go to /opt/searchblox/services/bin

Install searchblox using the following command


6. Check if the service has been installed using command

service searchblox status

run the service using the command

service searchblox start

7. If the service is not yet installed, please reboot the server.

Note: Please restart or reconnect to ssh session for the service command to work as expected

Note: This is applicable to Ubuntu 16.


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