Can I automate the installation of SearchBlox service on Linux servers?

Yes, you can automate the installation of SearchBlox on *nix servers by using the following script. You can also download the script for your own customization. This script installs SearchBlox as a service on port 80 and turns on the firewall for security. 

Please install OpenJDK 8 on RedHat/CentOS prior to installing SearchBlox and ensure it is the default java runtime.

You can install OpenJDK 8 by running the following command:

su -c "yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk"

yum install wget

Check if the /etc/hosts has an entry for the assigned IP address and host name. Restart the server once that is set up.

Manually run /opt/searchblox/startSearchBlox first (and then CTRL-C to kill after it is up and running) before the “Service SearchBlox start” command is run.

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