What are the different types of sorting provided for the results returned from SearchBlox?

SearchBlox provides the ability to sort the search results by relevance or date. The parameters for the sort are as below:

* &sort=relevance&sortdir=desc - Sort by relevance in descending order
* &sort=relevance&sortdir=asc - Sort by relevance in ascending order
* &sort=date&sortdir=desc - Sort by date in descending order
* &sort=date&sortdir=asc - Sort by date in ascending order

You can use this sort directly in UI in our faceted plugin as in the screenshot below:


There is one more additional option alphabetical order using which the results can be sorted based on the alphabetical order of title. The user can use this sort in plugin by editing the settings file (facet.js) in the plugin. The parameters for this sort is as below:

* &sort=alpha&sortdir=asc - Sort by the title in ascending order
* &sort=alpha&sortdir=desc - Sort by the title in descending order

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To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site https://developer.searchblox.com/docs

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