Can I use my own field for a custom date, and use it for sorting and display in results?

Yes, you can use a custom date field.


Sorting can also be done directly using the parameters sort=published&sortdir=desc with the following query parameters:

descending order


ascending order


Date as facet field

Note: If you want to use the custom date field only for sort then please ignore the below section. If you want the date field to be displayed as facet filter then refer the details below:

For example, if you want to use a published date as a facet field with the following meta tag in your HTML page:

<meta name="published" content="2014-03-15T01:50:58"/> 


<meta name="published" content="2014-03-15"/> 

Note: The format of date should be as above

1. You will need to add the following mapping to the mapping.json file found within the /searchblox/WEB-INF folder, and then create a new collection to index the web pages:

  "type": "date",
"store": true

2. If the collection has already been created, clear, and reindex the collection.

3. The user can filter the date directly


4. The search results can be filtered based on a specified range of this date field “published” as given below:


If you are using the following meta tag for date without the time information:

<meta name="published" content="2013-09-12"/>

Use the URL below to get the date range:


Mapping custom date format

If your date field has  a custom date format it has to be mapped in ../searchblox/WEB-INF/mapping.json 

For example if your meta date is as below

<meta name="published" content="2014-03-12 01:50:58"/> 

Mapping to be provided in mapping.json


"type": "date",
"store": true,
"format": "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" 



If the custom date has to appear in search results in regular search then it is required to make necessary changes to ../searchblox/stylesheets/default.xsl 

If the custom date has to appear in search results in faceted search (version 8.6.9) then it is required to modify the file in webapps\searchblox\plugindate\views\component-templates\results.html at line no 69, please replace lastmodified with your date field name as below:

<span class="">{{getLastModified(content.publication)}}</span><br>


To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site

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  • Avatar
    Robert Dennis

    I found that using the format:

    <meta name="published" content="20140315T01:50:58"/>

    kept the page from being indexed.

    While using the format

    <meta name="published" content="2014-03-15T01:50:58"/>

    worked as expected.

    This article seems to state that both formats are acceptable. Is this a bug, or a mistake in this article? 

    Edited by Robert Dennis
  • Avatar
    David Hoernig

    In reply to Robert Dennis:

    I had the same experience using version 8.5.1 but found that treating the published value as a string in the mapping.json resolved the issue.

     "published": {
    "type": "string",
    "store": "yes",
    "analyzer": "alpha_analyzer",
    "include_in_all": "false"