What are "Featured Results"?

The "Featured Results" feature brings sponsored-search-like functionality to SearchBlox. Featured Results allow highlighting of links in the search results page when the user searches for specific words. All of the functionality to create, manage and deliver "Featured Results" is accessible from within the SearchBlox Admin Console. One major advantage of the "Featured Results" in SearchBlox is the ability to automatically extract the keywords for the highlighted link directly from the link.

Administrators will benefit in the time saved by not having to manually enter the keywords for each highlighted link that needs to be set up. In addition to text-based Featured Results, SearchBlox also supports graphics-based Featured Results similar to banner ads.

Delivery of Featured Results can be either count-based (number of times the result should be displayed) or time-based (specific time period during which the result should be displayed). The display of the Featured Results in the search results page is completely customizable using the XML data from SearchBlox.

When any of the featured results keywords are entered as a search term, the featured result appears in the results based on priority.

Featured ad with graphic URL display:

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