What are the credentials required to index a Database collection?

You will need to input the following values in order to index a Database collection. Enter these credentials under the Settings tab. 

* **Database Type **
* Database that is queried mysql or SQLServer or Oracle

* **Host IP/Name**
* localhost or domain name

* **Host Port #**
* Database listening port – MySql (default :3306), MS SqlServer(need to set it), Oracle (default :1521)

* **Database Name**

* **Database Username**

* **Database Password**

The following screenshot shows a sample settings page for a Database collection:

MS SQL Server has a dynamic port. In order to set the listening port, refer to the steps provided on the following page on Microsoft's site:  



The driver classes loaded internally for the databases supported for reference:

* **Database Driver Class **
* MySql : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
* MS SQL Server 2005 or higher :com.microsoft.sqlserver.jdbc.SQLServerDriver
* Oracle : oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver

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