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Can SearchBlox ignore certain sections of the page during indexing?



  • David Hoernig

    Can you clarify what is meant by "content will be ignored". Does it mean that searchblox will not crawl into any links found in this section?

    For example, we make a practice of putting stop-start tags around our headers and footers that appear on every page so that common/shared text doesn't contribute to the index for every page. But if that also makes it so that searchblox won't crawl the menu links, then we need a different solution.


  • Rossen Angelov

    We are running into the same issue and would be really nice to have this article written in a more clear way with some examples that include text and links.

    Our tests show that even if links were surrounded with , they were still indexed. I have to guess that "content to exclude" applies only to text and not hyper links.


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