Where are the stop-word files in SearchBlox?

The stop-words.xml folder can be accessed under 

Windows: Applications > Searchblox Server > webapps > stopwords.

Linux: /opt/searchblox/webapps/searchblox/stopwords

This folder includes a variety of languages. Edit your language .xml by adding, updating, and deleting stop-words for your indexing specification.

Stop-words are defined as non-information-bearing words. Words such as the, and, a, is, and on are on the stop-word list. When indexing and searching, these words will be ignored. Each language has its own stop-word list. In order to save disk space or to speed up search results, most search engines do not consider these common words.

To learn more about SearchBlox please visit our developer document site https://developer.searchblox.com/docs

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