How to include dash/hyphen in collection name

You need to add analyzer as comma_analyzer as highlighted below for colname field in ../webapps/searchblox/WEB-INF/mapping.json. Please do not make any other changes (i.e., do not give analyzed in index field, it would cause problems while creating collection), the only change is just adding the analyzer line that has been highlighted below:
Please replace the colname section in mapping.json with the snippet below, even a minor syntax error such as missing comma could cause issues.

 "colname": {
        "type": "text",
        "store": "yes",
        "index": "not_analyzed",
        "fielddata": true,
        "include_in_all": "false",
       "analyzer": "comma_analyzer"


Restart and import or recreate collections, index and check the facets. 

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